Codeex takes great pride in its portfolio of three proprietary technology solutions, which includes our own creation of a Metaverse platform. Our products also utilize state-of-the-art advancements in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, along with sophisticated communication system frameworks. Years of focused research and development, led by our expert team, have culminated in these products. Each product is designed with an eye on the future, aligning with emerging trends and anticipating the evolving technological landscape.

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A groundbreaking secure communication platform is currently under construction…

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GYM Street

GYM Street is the ultimate financial metaverse platform for accessing investment, mining and trading.

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GYM Network

GYM Network is a DeFi Aggregator Investment System combining the best yields with high rewards.

Our products are tailored for a future where internet-based solutions dominate the market. Vone stands out as an exemplar, offering decentralized blockchain identities through unique Vone numbers, streamlined transactions via Vone Pay, and AI-powered insights from our advanced ANI technology. This innovative trio serves as a remedy to the gaping void in the market for internet-based business communication—none of the existing personal or entertainment apps used in business today can compare. Moreover, as traditional GSM services wane, Vone’s cutting-edge features make it a sustainable and globally-oriented choice.

We’ve also ventured into the cryptocurrency landscape with our intelligent DeFi Aggregator Investment System, designed to guide users toward smart, rewarding investments. We’ve expanded into the virtual realm with our Metaverse platform, offering opportunities for land acquisition, investment, mining, and trading. These pioneering innovations are just the starting point for further refinement and growth.