Software Development

We shape your ideas into existing products

Any idea, any platform, any complexity our team knows how to design and develop it to its technical implementation.

Codeex software development

Your product will pass through the best handpicked experts and developers, designers and UX experts, software testers and QA analysts. You have our full support in each stage of development and beyond. About one of the greatest advantages that we offer is that you don’t have to deal with the complex and time-consuming process of building and managing your own team. Our agile developers and project managers are very flexible in forming the right team for your product.

High Quality at reduced cost

Need a second opinion or a quick study of your idea? Using our collective experience, we’ll happily validate your idea, estimating its viability. As a next stage we will create a visual implementation of the product, which you can test and experience, before moving on to its final development.

Prototyping and validation

We deliver a ready and operational product, including testing and quality management. And all that costs around 50% less due to our efficient nearshore system. Nothing is impossible at Codeex; you will find that our work timeline and dynamics are always at a high rate and in compliance with your goals, plans and requirements.

Mobile Development

Your key to a worldwide market of 5+ billion

Number of mobile users across the world keeps skyrocketing by hundreds of millions each year. At Codeex, we have ensured to cover all the bits and aspects that go into mobile development, including strategy, technology, design, etc. We’re offering full customized support for your product regardless of which stage it is in. Our team is comprised of experts who have years of experience in working at earlier stages in startups all the way to big multinational companies.


We’re happy to work with you at any stage of your product development; whether it’s an existing operational product that needs improvement or it’s simply at an idea level.Our team of experts will give you feedback and advisory, research your users, their persona, better define their needs and profiles, helping you to create the right product development strategy.

Design & Prototyping

We believe that understanding the product’s goal and essence is the key to creating the right design and user experience for it. Adding that to our team of designers, UI & UX experts, we create a design specifically for your product. While working hand-in-hand with the designers, our developers create input the latest and the best technologies into an engine making your application work seamlessly.

End-to-End Development

In addition to the product team, our experienced backend and web developers help creating full-stack mobile products. We’ve created integrated teams that assemble and disassemble very fast and cover everything from designing all the way to managing and operating, all aspects from front-end to back-end.

Testing & QA

Finding bugs and fixing them is an inseparable part of development process. Our team will not only test your product in full detail using a set of manual and automated tools, but also provide ongoing assistance with this never-ending process.

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